Natural Hair Growth

How to use Hair Grow Serum

Follow the directions of using Hair Grow serum with Coconut Hair Oil & Shampoo properly to get maximum results in lesser time.

Hair Grow Serum with Coconut Oil

Step 1

Add 3-6ml of Hair Grow Serum into 100ml of any Coconut Hair Oil.

Hair Grow Serum in Coconut Oil

Step 2

Gently massage all over the Scalp with oil and let the scalp absorb oil.

Hair Grow Serum with oil

Step 3

Let the scalp absorb active nutrients of Hair Grow Serum over night.

Step 4

Add 3-6ml of Hair Grow Serum into 100ml of any mild shampoo.

Step 5

Rinse your hairs with slightly warm water. Do not use hot water for during hair wash.

Hair Grow Serum

Step 6

Apply shampoo on hairs & gently massage your scalp with fingertips for 2 minutes.

Hair Grow Serum

Step 7

Wash your hair properly with slightly warm or tap water.

How to use Activ Skin

Use Active Skin daily for best results.

Step 1

Wash your face with cool water before applying

Step 2

Take 2-3 drops/single pump press of Activ Skin and apply on face. Gently massage with fingers till skin absorbs the serum

Step 3

Let the serum applied overnight for maximum rejuvenation effect

Step 4

Wash your face on next morning for Healthier and Smoother skin

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