Hair Grow Serum - 25ml

- Promotes New Hair Growth
- Prevent Hair Loss & Premature Baldness
- Cures Scalp Infections
- Restores hair texture
- Prevents hair graying
- Reduces Dandruff
- No side effects

Benefits of Hair Grow Serum

Heavy Hair Loss

It contains Ginseng which helps reducing heavy hair loss due to DHT or hormonal problems.

Premature Baldness

It reduces hair loss & promotes hair growth with the help of Natural Hair Growth Factors.

Dandruff / Itchy Scalp

It contains Grape Seed Oil which cures scalp infections & reduces dandruff.

Hair Graying

Gray Hair

Polygonum prevents premature graying of hair, Restores natural hair color & keep them healthy.

How Hair Grow Serum Works ? ?

Stage - 1

Before using Hair Grow Serum hair follicle in Dead or Dormant state.

Stage - 2

When Hair Grow Serum dilates scalp capillaries and reaches hair root & follicle

Stage - 3

Hair Grow Serum contains Hair Growth Factor which stimulates & activates hair follicle for hair growth.

Stage - 4

It promotes scalp metabolism when used regularly and hair keeps growing thicker & stronger.