Activ Skin Serum - 20ml

- Best Skin Rejuvenation effect.
- Naturally Extracted contents.
- Suitable for All Skin Types.
- Dark Spot & Dark Circle reduction.
- Dermal Filler for wrinkles or saggy skin around eyes
- Resurfacing effect for Acne Scars.
- Skin hydration for younger looking skin

Benefits of Activ Skin Serum

Skin Wrinkles

Activ Skin Serum ingredient HA+ is proven for on of the best anti aging element.

Sunken Eyes

It acts as a Dermal Filler cures sunken eyes, reduce dark circles & wrinkles

Acne Scar

Collagen Polysaccharide reduces scars, improves skin flexibility and makes it smoother.

Dark Spots

Reduces dark spots by generating new cells & brightens skin tone

How Activ Skin Serum Works ? ? ?

When Activ Skin Serum is applied it penetrates skin and builds up collagen which helps relacing dead skin cells and fights against skin infections. It also stimulates lastin ( Highly Elastic Protein ) which helps give your skin Strength and Elasticity as a result visibly Smoother skin.

WHY Activ Skin Serum ? ? ?

Without Activ Skin Serum

Skin damage happens when moisture left your skin. Leaving your skin Rough, Weak & less Elastic.

With Activ Skin Serum

Activ Skin Serum absorbs up to 1000 times than its own weight in water. So, it keeps all that moisture under the skin. Leaving skin Spotless, Tight & Smoother.